• Aug. 21, 2017, 7:05 am

The Daily Dig for Sunday, August 24

Plenty of advice for your crowdfunding campaign, tips to avoid greedy bank fees, and one of the worst starts to a new job you can imagine are all part of today’s Daily Dig.

Ex big banker now crowdfunding convert

Courtney Reum once cut deals at Goldman Sachs, now he looks to the crowd.  He shares lessons here.

Special crowdfunding tips for tech campaigns

They apply to any type of campaign, but good advice nonetheless.  Sarah Wheble reports.

Not a good way to start a new gig

In his second full day on the job, Bank of America COO Tom Montag cut an eight-figure check to the Feds.  He can only go up from here.  There are many who believe the banks are overall escaping their deserved level of punishment.  Irwin Stelzer explains.

Three big bank fees you can avoid

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