• Oct. 10, 2015, 1:39 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

faqWhile we’ve only been online as an active site for three months or so, we’ve already compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Some of them have actually been quite entertaining.

We’ll start with the first 10 here. Feel free to email any other questions to [email protected] and we’ll try to answer those as well.

Click on the question that compels you to learn the answer. Go on, we dare you.

Q: How is BanklessTimes different from traditional news sites?

We don’t have giant egos, or think we’re smarter or better than everyone else.

We are not big fans of “press release journalism,” the kind that swallows a release whole and regurgitates it with amateurish writing by a nervous intern and is then played up as original content.

We are not cuffed to a print legacy ball-and-chain that weighs us down. We are nimble, quick-witted, and in love with new technology and upheaval. These things have proven to be the kryptonite of traditional news sites.

Our editor-in-chief was laid off from one of those dinosaur companies that saw fit to cut one third of their digital team in a merciless gutting. We hired him within days of that decision.

We do not think digital news is a passing fad, a waste of time or a threat to humanity.

Q: Are you just a mouthpiece for Kickstarter and Lending Club?

We will never be a mouthpiece for any company, lobby group or paid informant.

If high-profile alternative finance companies do something worth praise, we’ll praise them. If they take a dump on the floor and call it art, we will call B.S.

If any company dips their toe into the fraud pond, or screws someone out of their investments – and their trust – we’ll be merciless in our coverage.

The whole point of this effort is to provide new opportunities to people and businesses that have been marginalized. If some douchecanoe takes advantage of the burgeoning marketplace, we will take our journalistic shotgun off of the virtual gun rack in our virtual pickup and sink their canoe.

Q: Are you a Democrat or Republican company?

Some of us are Democrats, some of us Republicans, some of us are even Canadians. We don’t hold that against each other. We also don’t let anyone get out of hand without shouting them down or throwing empty beer bottles at them.

We answer to no higher power, beyond truth and freedom and doing the right thing.

Q: Why should I trust your editorial approach?

Our editor-in-chief has more than 22 years invested in journalism, has won a bunch of international awards, and is friends with Rosenthal Alves.

Our interim CEO will lay down on the tracks before letting church get into bed with state, even if church promises to be ‘hands off’ during the night.

Q: Are you part of the Occupy/Tea Party/Anonymous movement(s)?

We are not formally involved with these organizations. We certainly know where they are coming from with their collective frustration.

We do not condone or endorse any or all of their activities, nor do we thumb our collective nose at them.

Q: Will you be censoring the comments and forum posts?

We will be moderating all user-generated content for slander, trolling and spam. Keep your shots above the belt and lay off of the crack pipe, we should get along fine.

Q: Are you an online bank?

No. We have no plans to become an online bank.

Q: How do you select the curated stories? Do you edit them?

Our editor-in-chief and managing editor spend many, many hours scouring the dark corners of the web looking for celebrity skin relevant coverage of the alternative finance industry.

Google Alerts come flying into our inboxes faster than bankers leaving early on a Friday afternoon.

Q: Will you be offering some kind of crowd-funding platform?

See answer to the online bank question above.

Our primary objective is to inform and protect consumers in the emerging world of alternative finance.