Indiegogo rebrands

Mobile power in a can

The people behind a slick mobile charging device called JuiceCan contacted us about their recently launched Indigogo campaign.

It’s an interesting concept: stackable storage for almost unlimited power. I could see this being a valuable addition to the toolkit of a multimedia reporter always on the road, collecting new content.

“JuiceCane is the world’s first colorful and stackable mobile power pack. Each JuiceCan can store up to 7,800mAh greatly extending the battery life of any USB device for everyday needs. For power at a larger scale such as in cases of emergency simply stack additional JuiceCans to create the JuiceCane, supplying your power needs while helping keep you safe,” the campaign page says.

The mix-and-match color combinations should appeal to the geek/desinger types, who can coordinate the accessories with their hispter glasses and sneakers.

At the time of publishing, they were at the $7,342 mark of the campaign and going strong.

Here’s their campaign video for an in-depth look at the product.