Kickstarter hits $1 billion

kickstarterMonday, March 3, 2014.  If you’re a trivia buff you want to mark today as the day Kickstarter passed the $1 billion amount in total dollars pledged to campaigns.

Keep that pencil handy, for at the rate the dollars are flowing in, $2 billion is around the corner.  More than half of the pledges have come in the last 12 months and the rate keeps accelerating, so the next milestone should be in early 2015.

It took 5.7 million people to reach the mark, meaning the average person pledged $175.44.  Kickstarter reports pledge makers come from 224 different countries and territories and all seven continents.  Two-thirds of all people supporting projects come from the United States, as do two-thirds of dollars pledged.  The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany round out the top five.

Other interesting numbers include:

1,627 – the number of people who have supported at least one project in every category

1,689,979 – the number of people who have supported more than one project

30% – the percentage of all supporters who have backed more than one Kickstarter project

15,932 – the number of people who have backed at least 50 projects

$619,000,000 – the amount of money pledged by repeat backers

While people actively pledge throughout the week, comparatively speaking Kickstarters take the weekend off.  Saturday and Sunday are by far the weakest days.  Business picks up a bit at the beginning of the week before peaking on Wednesdays.

Business also peaks in the middle of the month, with the last days of any month the slowest days, as people pay many monthly bills.

Kickstarter’s busiest single day was March 13, 2013.  They received more than four million dollars from just more than 54,000 individual backers.