InvestorIntel to provide global investment news

InvestorInteldownload, an investment news site that that aggregates items from around the globe, is nearing the first anniversary of its launch.

“My goal was simple,” said Publisher Tracy Weslosky.  “Hire the brightest minds to attract the sharpest audience.”

This global commitment combined with experienced contributors has attracted 10 million hits per month.  More than 25 editors are spread out across the planet.  Key business contributor Robin Bromby recently entered his sixth decade in the industry and has worked throughout Australia and New Zealand and for the South China Morning Post.  He has written books on the railway and agriculture industries.

InvestorIntel’s regular columnists have roots in many different countries and diverse sets of experience. Alessandro Bruno is a former United Nations analyst who specializes in South American, African and Middle Eastern Affairs. Hongpo Shen worked in Chinese municipal government for 15 years and has a background in rare earth minerals. Chris Ecclestone is a principal and mining straegist at a U.K. firm and was previously a head of an American think tank.

Dr. Jon Hykawy is  Canadian-based head of a research and business consultancy with a lengthy background in business reporting and alternative energy sources. John Clarke has more than three decades of experience in the provision of industry and financial services for the energy sector. A chemist by training, Jack Lifton has worked for nearly 50 years with “technology metals,” a term he created to describe the rare metals and substances that make much of the world’s technology a reality.

Tracy Weslosky is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur who is also the Founder and CEO of ProEdge Media Corp, an online publishing and media production company. A former boutique investment banking firm she owned was the basis for the CNBC World business reality series DealFlow.

InvestorIntel follows a unique referral-based business model and is cognizant of producing video and other elements that cater to online media consumers.

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