The Daily Dig for April 26

Some people look like they get away with murder while others get caught (eventually).  Many crowdfunders underestimate the type of work it takes to produce a well-run campaign, but do it right and the rewards can be huge.  It’s all covered in today’s Daily Dig.

Many high-paid CEO’s are with hedge funds, private equity firms

High-frequency trading and tax loopholes are two of the ways hedge fund and private equity CEO’s generate perversely high annual incomes.  ValueWalk delves into this topic and uncovers some disturbing facts.

bankBove calls $6 billion fine for B of A

Banking industry analyst Richard Bove predicts a $6 billion fine for the Bank of America related to some of their activities in the sub prime mortgage crisis.  ValueWalk takes a deeper look at Mr. Bove’s comments.

New U.K. mortgage rules to drive business to P2P

A new series of rules enacted in Great Britain put mortgage applicants under heightened scrutiny.  This will encourage more people to consider P2P loans.  Amy Loddington looks at why.

Widget crowdfunders underestimate several aspects of the manufacturing process

Crowdfunding campaigns which meet cash goals but fail to deliver the goods suffer from common problems, says Glen Martin in Forbes.

How to develop a proper crowdfunding budget

There are different costs newbie crowdfunders do not account for when developing a crowdfunding budget.  Luiz Buff and Peter Alhadeff explain what they are.

Crowdfunding platforms are changing real estate investing

GroundBreaker founder Stefano D’Aniello, a featured presenter at this past week’s Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference II hosted by the SoHo Loft, explains how real estate has been changed by crowdfunding.

Crowdfunder raises $800,000 in three hours

Popular U.K. site Crowdfunder corralled 500,000 pounds in just three hours on Crowdcube this week.

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