The Daily Dig for Friday, May 2

Crowdfunding’s community-building potential highlights today’s Daily Dig.

Fraudulent Kickstarter project targeted by Washington State AG

In 20102, Nashville-based Altius Management ran a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $25,000 from 810 people to produce a set of “retro-horror” cards.  Promises of great swag in addition to the actual cards have not been kept two years later.  The Washington State Attorney General is investigating, and big fines could be coming, according to The Seattle Times.

Online lending growth far surpassing more traditional methods

First quarter reporting season is in full swing, giving P2P watchers the most current information on the market.  The news is good, as growth at the major sites is exponential, with more good news coming in several significant cash raises and expansion in different parts of the world.  Yvan de Munck from, takes an in-depth look at the big news from early 2014.

Crowdswell CEO excited about site’s community-building potential

Eric Dahl helped start Crowdswell to enable regular people to solve community problems on a local or regional level.  In this interview with Darryl Burma, Mr. Dahl talks about his hopes for Crowdswell and the power of community.

Crowdfunding CEO’s talk about medium’s potential for social good

Ioby’s Erin Barnes and Benevolent CEO Megan Kashner talk about how crowdfunding can be used to generate support, volunteers and anything else a charity needs to meet its goals in this Chronicle of Philanthropy podcast.

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