The Daily Dig for Saturday, May 3

The heavy hitters take over today’s Daily Dig as BT presents three articles looking at angel and accredited investors.


When should a company utilize accredited investor crowdfunding?

Companies with a successful crowdfunding campaign under  their belt have different options available to them as they ponder how to generate their next funding need.  One option is accredited investor crowdfunding, which Ryan Caldbeck explains in depth.

Cleantech startup closes $1 million round on Return on Change

Solar panel manufacturer Geostellar recently closed a $1 million ask on Return on Change, an accredited investor site with a focus on sustainability.  Joao-Pierre Ruth looks into the transaction and the players.

These angel investors love crowdfunding

What attracts angel investors to crowdfunding?  Fundable’s Wil Schroter profiles seven angel investors with a history of investing in crowdfunded companies.


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