The Daily Dig for Monday, May 5

Local bank collapses hurt small businesses during the recession

Smaller banks that did not survive the recession left many of their small business clients out to dry.  Some of those businesses are finding it hard to get credit years later.  PBS Newshour’s Rick Karr talks to one businessman who lived the recession roller coaster.

Michael Novogratz talks about Bitcoin, the future of banks and more

Fortress Investment Group principal Michael Novogratz was on Bloomberg TV today, sharing his thoughts on Bitcoin, what banks will soon look like and the current state of the market.

Uncle Sam faulted on Fannie and Freddie

The federal government is making a big mistake in its current handling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to the staff at ValuePlays.

At that price they could have thrown in a hide-a-bed

A piece of London real estate went for $237 million and it wasn't this

An unfurnished London apartment recently went for $237 million, leaving even the developer wondering how far the market can go, writes Grant Burningham.