The Daily Dig for Tuesday, May 6

What IS happening, what’s NOT happening, and what SHOULD be happening comprise today’s Daily Dig.

Equity crowdfunding won’t get kickstarted

Yancey Strickler said that Kickstarter will not be getting involved in equity crowdfunding.  Tom Risen describes what they will be getting involved with.

Sheila Bair revisits WaMu collapse, current economy

People weren’t lining up to get a piece of Washington Mutual when the FDIC was faced with making tough decisions on the beleaguered bank, Sheila Bair recalled recently.  She also shares some of her worries about today’s economy with Jon Talton.

Bitcoin should be more worried about mobile money services than banks

Many of the Bitcoin advantages touted by their advocates are better executed by mobile money services like M-Pesa, says Rob Wile.

Patch of Land joins Lendvious

Real estate crowdfunding platform Patch of Land became the first such site to join Lendvious, Crowdnetic’s new peer finance marketplace.  Samantha Hurst provides the details.

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