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The Daily Dig for Wednesday, May 7

Today’s Daily Dig celebrates the many different ways crowdfunding can help people – its global reach but ability to be customized locally, as a way to be benefit the community, and as an alternative funding source for cash-strapped governments.  Just for balance we throw in some regulation and big banks.

The mouth says no but the eyes…

While their public faces express cynicism about the concept, in private banks are working to copy Bitcoin’s money moving methods, reports Bloomberg’s Olga Kharif.

Crowdfunding touted as way to break corporate energy stranglehold

Global investment in clean energy is dropping and power (pardon the pun) remains concentrated in a few sets of hands.  Looking at Germany as an example, the Guardian’s Ramsay Dunning suggests crowdfunding as a way of funding clean energy and of breaking up monopolies.

New UK crowdfunding rules seen by some as hindrance

A restriction on the size of individual investments will limit the amount of money available for crowdfunding in the UK, some people tell Josh Hall. celebrates significant milestone

Philanthropic crowdfunding site recently surpassed $100 million in support.  Salem Solomon with the profile.

Crowdfunding Croatian style

Doniralica is Croatia’s first local crowdfunding site.  Vesna Tomicic Bosnjak describes the process in going live and what it means for Croatia.

Popular crowdfunding associations from around the world

Crowd Navigator Blog provides a list of some established crowdfunding associations from around the world along with brief descriptions of each one.

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