The Daily Dig for Thursday, May 8

The limitations of regulators on both sides of the pond highlight today’s Daily Dig, along with the growing Asian bank hiring scandal.

Are regulators doing enough to police those under their watch?

That is an entirely appropriate question to ask, given the lack of prosecutions and continued reckless growth of the US big banks, except the question is being asked in England.  Lindsay Fortado looks for answers.

Tommy Boy in the Far East?  Asian bank hiring scandal investigation continues

You want to do business with some of China’s most powerful business people?  You may have to hire the wacky nephew as part of the deal.  ValueWalk reports the investigation is ongoing.

P2P to hit $1 trillion in a decade – Moldow

Venture capitalist Charles Moldow sees peer-to-peer lending growing to impressive heights, and fast.  He tells Cromwell Schubarth why he is so bullish on P2P.

 Small businesses in UK call for mandatory referrals to alternative lenders

There is no shortage of companies in the UK who get rejected for funding by mainstream institutions, and a vast majority of those want the government to force those groups to refer them to alternative lending sources.  Daniel Liberto explains.

Allow banks to go bankrupt…

FDIC Vice Chair Thomas Hoenig, in a Tuesday speech, said bankruptcy is the preferred option for banks that collapse, as allowing supervision from an entity such as the FDIC opens the door to costly bailouts.  Jesse Hamilton describes some of the concerns with both options.

But some feedback would be nice

Banks mandated to develop living wills are getting precious little feedback from government officials on how effective their work has been to date, according to Douwe Miedema and Emily Stephenson.

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