The Daily Dig for Friday, May 9

Today’s Daily Dig reminds us that while a new day is dawning, the sun has not set on yesterday.


Popularity of crowdfunding generating momentum toward Title III

The fact that crowdfunding bills have survived the legislative process and received overwhelming bipartisan support should eventually lead to Title III, though some obstacles do remain, says Sherwood Neiss.

Big banks Forex share continues to grow

Big banks account for more than $3 trillion of foreign exchange activity PER DAY, a share that has been growing of late.  Collusion probes that are causing a shift to electronic trading may benefit those in collusion, writes Delphine Strauss.

Geithner says yes to TBTF and no to prevention

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says that, “of course” banks are still too big to fail, but that efforts to prevent them from being bailed out again are “misguided”, reports Joseph Lawler.


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