The Daily Dig for Monday, May 12

Pack your passport, as today’s Daily Dig takes you to India, Australia, Canada and Walmart.

Big banks use Walmart convenience as fee grab

Institutions with the most branches in Walmart locations are gathering big dollars from various fees.  Mark Reilly explores the development.

Jumbo mortgages gaining in popularity

Non-conforming loans are making up a greater percentage of the business at many banks as they seek to generate more business from their best customers.  Andrew Dunn provides an explanation.

Banks in India finding less risk in smaller players

The short term needs of India’s biggest corporations are making them riskier bets, which is leading to increased bank lending to SME’s.  Manju AB reports from Mumbai.

Unbanked continue to be gouged by fees

Unbanked and otherwise vulnerable Americans pay fee upon fee for prepaid cards – loading fees, transaction fees and more.  Some are paying up to 10 percent of their income on financial services, they tell Martha White.

Kiwis crowdfunding for healthcare assistance in Australia

Exorbitant health care bills racked up in Australia are driving New Zealanders to crowdfunding sites in an effort to pay them, according to Anna Pearson.

Equity crowdfunding foundation being laid in Canada

Issue by issue, the Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada is looking at what needs to be done to make equity crowdfunding a reality north of the 49th, says J D Alois.

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