These might not be the most exciting aspect of bank meetings this year

The Daily Dig for Tuesday, May 13

Today’s Daily Beat chronicles to ongoing development of several topics that keep us going on a daily basis – Bitcoin, real estate crowdfunding, P2P, and the big banks.

These might not be the most exciting aspect of bank meetings this year

Mel Watt on Fannie and Freddie’s immediate future

Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt addressed the Brookings institute recently on Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s immediate future.  Read the transcript here.

Winklevoss Bitcoin trust a risky investment

How do I hate thee?  Let Ben Strubel count the ways.

Lending Club CEO contests claims of individual investor freeze-outs

A recent New York Times article by Amy Cortese suggests that institutional investors will migrate to P2P in numbers that will push the small investor to the sidelines.  Renaud Laplanche disputes her claims in an interview with Steve Bertoni.

Should you consider real estate crowdfunding?

Nerdwallet examines real estate crowdfunding – pros, cons and the big players.

Big banks annual meetings could be a real hoot in 2014

A growing moving to question executive pay may liven up big bank annual meetings in 2014, more than pinwheel sandwiches (no crusts) ever could, says Paul Hodgson.

Barclays’ downsizing not a bad thing

A reduced presence in investment banking is symbolic of a decline in many ways, but also reduces Barclays’ overall risk, writes John Plender.

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