The Daily Dig for Friday, May 16

Today’s Daily Dig checks in on happenings across the Commonwealth while also reporting on people who take advantage of serving military.

“I don’t often crowdfund but when I do…”

It is important to distinguish between crowdfunding and investing, writes Ryan Caldbeck.  Investing does not happen on each of the 400 sites, he advises.  Mr. Caldbeck notes that the most successful sites moving forward are likely to establish expertise in a niche.  Read his column here.

British broker fined for Libor role

British broker-dealer RP Martin was fined more than $2 million for their role in the Libor manipulation scandal.  ValueWalk has the details.

Global property crowdfunder lists shares

Launchpad PLC is the first public limited company to list on Crowdfund.  Launchpad claims to allow its users to become a property developer “anywhere in the world” according to Adrian Bishop.

Australian equity crowdfunding review nears completion

In many ways Australia is a crowdfunding leader.  Equity crowdfunding is not one of them.  There are hopes that will change once a recently closed government committee releases its report on the subject, says Caitlin Fitzsimmons.

Sallie Mae to repay nearly $100 million for violation of military member rights

The Justice Department has fined Sallie Mae and ordered it to pay restitution totaling $96.6 million for “systematically violating the legal rights of U.S. service members” when it came to servicing student loans.  This should serve as a warning  to other institutions that hold the student debt of military members, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau official Holly Petraeus says in a post by the Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group.

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