The Daily Dig for Monday, May 19

Big banks hold annual meetings away from spotlight

Many big banks hosted their annual meetings in relatively exotic outposts, to, suggests Beecher Tuttle, avoid uncomfortable questions.

The Son of the Scary Financial Products

Even Jumbo is turning his back on this loan

Even Jumbo is turning his back on this loan

There is much debate about whether Godzilla deserves a sequel, but an even scarier twosome is coming back to haunt the markets and potentially leave carnage in its wake.  Amanda Alix explores the revenge of jumbo loans and sub-prime lending.

Pro soccer team to accept in-stadium Bitcoin payments

The San Jose Earthquakes will begin accepting Bitcoin later this week for everything from tickets to beer to hot dogs.  read more here and enjoy the footy.

British big banks to submit annual progress reports in bid to win back trust

The big banks across the pond have agreed to a commission’s suggestion to publish annual reports on their efforts to their business practices and overall culture.  Matt West gives details.

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