The Daily Dig for Wednesday, May 21

Bair disagrees with Geithner stance on mostly everything

The good things about Tim Geithner’s new book Stress Test include the fact it creates discussion on important issues that need to be addressed.  After that the list dwindles rather quickly, says Sheila Bair.

Housing unlikely to give US economy needed bump: analyst

Credit growth and current leverage are two reasons why the housing market is not likely to give the American economy the boost many thinks it can give, says Jeffrey Gundlach of Advisor Perspectives.

Chinese P2P under the microscope

When your CEO is compared to Bernie Madoff, it’s not good.  The trouble with Credit Ease is explored by Eric Mu.

Arsenio Hall crowdfunding campaign to buy the Clippers off to less than sterling start

Arsenio Hall’s campaign on Indiegogo has a way to go-go, as only $1,242 has been raised to date, writes Hilary Lewis.

Better late than never?  Wasteland II to ship this summer

Brian Fargo made news when his pitch for Wasteland II garnered a top-10 all-time total on Kickstarter.  The game is about to to ship, according to Dean Takahhashi, so that will explain the package in your mailbox if you forgot you backed it in 2012.

TBTF label may be expanded to more than banks

Mutual funds, hedge funds and private equity firms may be labelled as too big to fail, a moniker which comes with increased responsibility, says Joseph Lawler.

Credit Suisse guilty plea receiving “meh” from public

Even though the guilty plea entered by Credit Suisse in a recent tax evasion case is the first such plea in decades, it will do little to placate those wanting to see banks prosecutions on a level consistent with their misdeeds, suggests Kevin Roose.

Banks are just as risky as they were 6 years ago: Hoenig

While some steps for the good have been taken, there is plenty of work remaining to be done in order for America’s financial system to be a safe one, Thomas Hoenig tells Eleanor Bloxham

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