Screen grab from Harmonix Amplitude Kickstarter campaign

The Daily Dig for Thursday, May 22

Today’s tardy Daily Dig highlights a couple of pet Kickstarter campaigns, and some skunky banking news. Some positive peeps, and some right killjoys.

* * *

Harmonix to make Amplitude anew

The makers of my favourite video game, Rock Band, have made their Kickstarter goal for their kick-ass music game Amplitude. The campaign took some time to gain momentum, but hit its stride late in the game, so to speak. I’m hoping they take a similar approach to building Rock Band 4 next year.

* * *

Canadians from all over support Corner Gas Kickstarter

Brent Butt’s beloved Corner Gas brand is coming out of the wheat fields thanks in part to a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign that has exceeded its goal. Great news, eh?

Here we go again – 10 million Americans have underwater mortgages

Zillow’s most recent Negative Equity Report was released yesterday and the numbers are chilling. Clayton Browne tells the tale.

JP Morgan among those charged with rigging by EU

This could also have been entitled Here we go again.  JP Morgan is one of several large banks charged with rigging financial benchmarks by the EU, charges they will defend vigorously, Aman Jain reports.

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