The Daily Dig for Friday, May 23

Today’s Daily Dig takes us mostly back to all the good things we like about the industry – it’s potential, success stories and other good things. Of course the Dark Side makes an appearance but the forces of good prevailed once again.

Rules delay heighten fears on both ends of crowdfunding spectrum

The delay in implementing crowdfunding rules in the U.S. has allowed both boosters and skeptics to continue debating crowdfunding’s merits and future.  While those most in favor of the concept have their blind spots, those most dismissive are ignoring significant benefits, writes Robb Mandelbaum.

Total U.K. crowdfunding platforms up 50% in one year

The number of crowdfunding platforms in the United Kingdom has been increasing for the past five years and this popularity is seen in every vertical, Amy Loddington discovers.

Young crowdfunding entrepreneur shares advice with graduates

Pubslush co-founder Amanda Barbara is a recent college graduate who founded the company with her mother.  It developed out of her desire to be passionate about her work, she tells the Young Entrepreneur Council.

Real estate crowdfunding’s potential analyzed

Groundbreaker co-founder Stefano D’Ainello knows a few things about real estate crowdfunding.  A more efficient middle market and changes in the middle market asset capital allocation process are some of the improvements he sees coming.

Inkshares co-founder discusses crowdfunding’s disruption of publishing

A complete reversal of the content approval process into a bottom-up scenario is but one plus crowdfunding brings to the often stodgy world of publishing, writes Adam Gomolin.

Canadian government partners with Indiegogo to offer break to local film makers

Aspiring Canadian film makers are getting a hand from Stephen Harper and Indiegogo by saving 25% on fees when they run a campaign on a special page.  Julianna Cummins breaks it down.

Pop-up banks debated

Pop Up Video is fun.  So are pop-up food stands.  The jury’s out on pop-up banks if you ask Bill Bradley.

Mortgage bankers less than fond of P2P

Skyline Financial CEO Bill Dallas calls P2P “stupid” (What would Opus think?).  That got Matthew Scully’s attention.

Big bank breakups boon for investors?

Some see it not as a question of “if”, but one of when, and when it happens, bank stocks could get a nice boost.  Consider this play as part of your long-term investment strategy, suggests Ben Levisohn.

Banks battle for top data analytics pros

Mamas may not let their babies grow up to be cowboys, but suggesting data analyst for a  big bank will net her some good swag on Mother’s Day, says Peggy Bresnick Kendler.

Volcker optimistic dismantling of international banks

Should a big bank with a global reach fail and need to be taken apart, a host of regulations that could be different in any number of countries make it a cumbersome process.  Recent discussions have made Paul Volcker more optimistic about the chances of it happening successfully, writes Ronald Orol.

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