The Daily Dig for Sunday, May 25

If you like crowdfunding, then today’s Daily Dig is for you.


Ginnie Mae gaining market share

Ginnie Mae’s share of the market is growing but few are talking about it, writes Michael Ide.

Indiegogo’s sight set on equity crowdfunding

If/when equity crowdfunding happens, it will be huge, and Indiegogo wants a piece, Slava Rubin tells Cadie Thompson.

YouTube looks to add crowdfunding

YouTube plans to implement built-in crowdfunding on its site in the near future.  Devin Coldewey has the details.

Branson would have crowdfunded to start his empire

Richard Branson would have turned to crowdfunding when he was starting out in the 1960’s if it was available, he tells Rebecca Burn-Callander.

How small banks can compete with the big boys

Scale marketing possibilities in the internet age can allow small banks to prosper, says Atri Chatterjee.

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