The Daily Dig for Sunday, June 1

You can literally bank on today’s Daily Dig, as we explore variable affordability and the impact of new technologies.

Square’s move into lending sign should be viewed with both optimism and caution

It is good for borrowers that new entrants into the lending sphere seem to be popping up every day at a time when banks are finally starting to loosen the purse strings too.  That does not mean you should throw caution to the wind, suggests Elizabeth MacBride.

Banking affordability depends on where you live

It is strange to see big bank defender Dick Bove bite the had that feeds him, but he does that somewhat when he admits that extremely large banks do not always benefit the consumer.  Banks are most expensive to deal with if you live in Arizona but more options along the Mississippi make that one of the best regions in the country.  Dan Freed dives into the report.

Infographic: Nine young entrepreneurs who are making waves

Some of the names will be familiar, others not, but what these nine people have in common is a successful run in their field.  ValueWalk introduces you to some incredible minds.

Go-go gadget overdraft: US banks experiments with voice recognition will impact mobile banking

The possible impacts of voice recognition software on mobile banking are numerous.  Jennifer Bjorhus describes some of them.