The Daily Dig for Wednesday, June 4

These are the Daily Digs we love.  Chock full of goodies exploring the crowd’s potential to change the world, including Don Cheadle’s efforts to bring Miles Davis to the big screen.

Walmart to offer new, ‘safer’ credit card through Sam’s Club

Recent data breached highlight the need for enhanced security for credit and debit cards.  Walmart is leading the, um, charge by introducing it at Sam’s Club.  Elizabeth Harris explains.

Crowdfunding will change the world, says leading thinker

Tucker Max recently delivered a speech at a conference that describes how crowdfunding will disrupt social media, business finance and other sectors while being remarkably ignorant about third world relief.  Read the speech here.

Another example of successful equity crowdfunding from across the pond

U.K. storage-by-the-box company Lovespace just raised £1.6 million in exchange for 28.5% of the company.  The company gets needed funds to expand marketing and operations while equity investors get in on a growing company at an average cost of £6,178.  This could catch on.  Perhaps we should look at that here.  More details here.

San Francisco housing to become even more unaffordable

It just became harder to construct tall buildings near San Francicsco’s waterfront.  This will only add to the price of real estate and freeze out more people, argues Matthew Yglesias.

MIT conference discusses crowdfunding

The synopsis of a recent crowdfunding panel discussion at MIT’s Sloan School of Management revealed some interesting facts about crowdfunding.  Visit the Sloan blog for more information.

Mastercard announces zero liability for PIN-based debit transactions

This is not happening in some parallel universe.  A credit card company is taking more steps to insulate the consumer from fraud.  Mitch Lipka shows how.

 Alternative financing concepts explained

Lendio’s Ty Kiisel was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Palermo and was asked to define different concepts in alternative lending and finance.  Read the article here.

Asian crowdfunding conference to be held in August

Crowdfunding Asia takes place on August 4 and 5 in Singapore.  Click here for the basics.

AngelList success broken down

Georgia Quinn goes back to AngelList’s origins and traces its development to present day to show how the site overcame SEC-related obstacles to become an investment success story.

Don’t t turn your back on this: Don Cheadle crowdfunding Miles Davis biopic

The perfect man to make the film about the coolest figure in jazz is crowdfunding to make it happen.  Those of you that gave a ten spot to Zach Braff should give $50 to this.

Aussie big banks offering steep discounts to lure home buyers

Smart shoppers can shave 1.5 points off their mortgage by negotiating with the biggest banks.  A cheap debt environment does have its drawbacks, however.  Clancy Yeates explains.

Is there a monopoly in Chinese banks?

Yang Kaisheng takes a closer look at the Chinese banking system to see how monopolistic it is.  When he compares concentration in China to several western countries and the BRICs, he finds China is not alone when it comes to concentration.  Visit the translation here.

“Let banks fail” – Dimon

Jamie Dimon mused on what would happen if big banks were allowed to fail.  Life would go on, he says in a profile by Tony Boyd.

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