The Daily Dig for Thursday, June 5

Some instruction warrants repetition.  Put the proper use of social media in a crowdfunding campaign in that category.  That, along with a timeline to end TBTF and the shock of an equities strategist dissing crowdfunding are all part of today’s Daily Dig.

Equities strategist slams crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is historically unique in that investors do not usually get a piece of the pie, admits Jacob Harper.  But why invest if you don’t get a piece of the pie, he wonders.

November’s G 20 meeting set to solve TBTF

Bank of England boss Mark Carney has targeted the November G 20 meeting in Brisbane as the time when the world will solve the too big to fail question.  Sean Martin sets the stage.

How to incorporate social media into your crowdfunding strategy and why it’s important

The law of multiple impressions and the importance of having an established online following before you start a campaign are but two factors that influence a successful crowdfunding social media strategy, writes Kendell Almerico.

Crowdsurfer organizes crowdfunding sites and makes sense of data

The sheer volume of crowdfunding sites make it impossible for the average person to follow.  They are also proliferating at such a rapid pace that data analysis cannot keep up.  Crowdsurfer helps with both problems, says Tracy Moran.

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