The Daily Dig for Sunday, June 7

It is too nice out to watch the Sunday news shows, so let the Daily Dig highlight the important news for you while you sit at the beach.

U.K. Treasury to look at links for P2P and ISA’s

To get an idea of where peer-to-peer lending is headed in the U.S., look to the United Kingdom among other places.  The Treasury is looking at how people can access the P2P market through individual savings accounts.  Emma Dunkley explains.

America’s recession response analyzed

America’s recovery from the recession has been healthier than most but some argue efforts did not go far enough.  John Cassidy looks at both sides.

Are negative interest accounts on the way?

The ECB has created negative interest rates for member banks.  Could this spread to consumers?  Could this spread to the U.S.?  Hunter Lewis explores the possibilities.

Crowdfunding advocate McHenry sees new legislation this summer

Congressman Patrick McHenry has been one of crowdfunding’s staunchest advocates in Washington.  In spite of opposition, he sees the chances of a bill passing as better than 50 percent, J.D. Alois reports.

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