The Daily Dig for Monday, June 9

The perfect Daily Dig to get you revved up on a Monday morning.  The next step in P2P and the future of crowdfunding are guaranteed to get the brain stimulated.  If you’re still gloomy, then maybe a big bank fine will turn that frown upside down.

Crowdfunding can create “Silicon Valleys everywhere”

The exposure to financing crowdfunding provides makes it possible to create industrial hubs of all sizes and industries wherever there is innovation.  Andrew Bounds explores crowdfunding’s potential from multiple perspectives.

British peer lender expands internationally

ThinCats is a U.K.-based peer-to-peer lender offering secured loans to businesses.  Its planned expansion to Australia and Poland is the latest proof that as P2P develops a solid base, it is entering a phase of international expansion.  Angel News provides the details.

BNP Paribas bracing for multi-billion $$ fine

French bank BNP Paribas appears to be the next foreign bank on Uncle Sam’s hit list.  The have set aside a little over $1 billion for fines to be levied as a penalty for dealing with countries on the U.S. verboten countries list.  The problem is the fine may be ten times what they think it is, writes Stefan Steinberg.

Tech trends predicted by VC’s

Put five successful venture capitalists in a room with an educated audience and ask each of the five for two predictions which will come true in the next half-decade.  Then discuss.  Jeff Bercovici witnesses the results.

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