The Daily Dig for Thursday, June 12

The latest crowdfunding research data along with its expanded use around the world and an inquiry into mobile finance are all parts of today’s Daily Dig.


CFPB seeks to learn more about American mobile money climate

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is holding an inquiry to learn about both the opportunities and issues with the use of mobile financial services in the United States.  There is a specific focus on the unbanked and underbanked.  Richard Cordray has the details.

Senior care organization uses Funding Circle to open new branch

When the owners of a U.K.-based senior care company could not secure a bank loan to open a location in Scotland, they turned to Funding circle and raised the required amount in three weeks.  Megan Dunsby shows how they did it.

Intrastate crowdfunding explained

Individual states growing impatient with federal foot dragging have enacted their own measures permitting equity crowdfunding within their borders.  Marcia Kaplan explains.

New data illustrates exponential growth of crowdfunding

A recent study by the Crowd Data Center shows crowdfunding growing at a much faster rate than previously thought.  Kendall Almerico takes a closer look.

One size fits all approach to student loan debt full of holes

By treating students at Harvard the same as those attending the Arizona Automotive Institute (Go Spark Plugs!) the federal government misses several basic truths about student debt, Eric Chemi writes.

Aussie grocer next in line to offer banking services

Australian supermarket chain Coles is looking to enhanced financial services as a way of generating more business from existing customers.  Eli Greenblat and Eric Johnston describe their strategy.