The Daily Dig for Saturday, June 14

If your morning paper’s late like ours is, here is a Daily Dig to tide you over until it shows up.

Student loan debt development analyzed

Most everything’s going up on student loans with overall debt and default rates being two examples.  This has a crippling effect on two generations and counting.  Clayton Browne looks at the damage.

Fannie and Freddie capitalization would take decades:  Treasury official

Those suggesting a simple recapitalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac instead of creating an entirely new system miss the point that it would take at least 20 years to recapitalize the pair.  Michael Ide analyzes the future of both entities.

Bitcoin compared to startups

People comparing Bitcoin to gold or the U.S. dollar miss the more apt comparison between the cryptocurrency and startups such as Tesla and Twitter, says this article in Benzinga.

DoJ’s $10 billion ask places Citigroup in tough spot

The Department of Justice wants Citigroup to pay a $10 billion fine for its role in selling mortgage derivatives.  Citigroup has come back with a substantially lower counter offer.  A court room may not be where Citigroup wants to head as it could reveal other misdeeds, writes Mark Melin.

 Niall Ferguson on Bitcoin

Gil Weinreich recently sat down with best-selling author Niall Ferguson to get his thoughts on Bitcoin.  Its ability to challenge hierarchies could make it a force in the coming years, he says.

Mobile wallet technology expands to Europe

Much of the mobile wallet technology we have now was developed in Africa as a way to include the many unbanked from rural areas.  The technology is being adopted in Europe in efforts to serve their unbanked.  Michael Scaturro assesses its progress.

Many big banks experience no trading loss days each year

Thanks to high-frequency trading, most big banks can quickly cover their losses by getting in on the deals ahead of their competition. AdviceIQ has a primer on how this works.

5 event-related tips for crowdfunding success

Well-planned events can provide much-needed help for your crowdfunding campaign.  K.C. Harry gives five tips to integrate events into your next crowdfunding campaign.

Chinese startup crowdfunder raises millions, starts overseas fund

CTQuan is a Chinese crowdfunding site similar to AngelList.  It has been busy of late, with the launching of an overseas fund, the securing of $4 million in financing, and many successfully brokered deals among the items stroked off their  to-do list, writes Jonathan Shieber.

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