The Daily Dig for Tuesday, June 17

Private student loans riskiest option yet growing in popularity

Private student loans do not offer many of the forgiveness and rollover options the government ones do, meaning students are more likely to be stuck with more debt if they choose a private student loan.  Catherine Dun takes a closer look at private student loans and some of the issues surrounding them.

World’s fastest growing crowdfunding sites analyzed

How are the fastest growing crowdfunding sites fueling that growth?  Robert Hoskins finds out.

Bitcoin mining group surpasses 50% threshold 

GHash announced in a release they are at 51% of total hashing power, a level where they can do such things as disallow legitimate transactions and spend Bitcoins twice.  While GHash insists they have no such aims, the achievement exposes a serious fault with the cryptocurrency and raises skepticism of the entire concept.  Alex Wilhelm explains.

Bitcoin suggested as an asset hiding tactic in divorce proceedings

Its anonymity makes it a perfect tool to hide assets when getting a divorce.  Robert Pagliarini looks at the possibilities from both sides.

Big banks use screening tool to excess

One mistake is all it takes to get you blacklisted by a big bank, even if you rectified the error years ago.  Two New York Times reporters tell the stories of some of the unbanked Americans caught in this trap.

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