The Daily Dig for Thursday, June 19

With the end of school staring at us, today’s Daily Dig gives you quickies in geography, economics, history and more.

9 very successful Kickstarter projects

Some recent Kickstarter projects that quickly shattered their goals are analyzed by Salvador Briggman.

Crowdfunding author on the importance of VC’s

Dan Marom has studied crowdfunding from the very beginning and has authored a book on the subject.  He sees an important role for venture capital moving forward and likes the crowd’s power in screening crowdfunding projects, as Karlin Lillington discovers in an interview.

New report expected to boost crowdfunding in Australia

In some ways Australia is falling behind other countries in facilitating crowdfunding and entrepreneurs are bemoaning the loss of capital and ideas to jurisdictions that embrace the concept.  As Fi Bendall reports, a new report could help these ideas stay closer to home.

Different P2P elements broken down

The evolution of P2P has brought with it specific subsets of individuals and products.  Reggie Karas explains some.

British P2P Finance Association announces standardized default calculation method

While default rates are low by any measure, Great Britain’s Peer-to-Peer Finance Association wants to ensure complete transparency through the introduction of standardized methods for calculating defaults.  This is a legitimate step for an industry facing mainstream skepticism, writes Amy Loddington.

Many big banks investing heavily in startups

Most big name banks have arms that focus specifically on investing in startups.  Allison Kade explains how they work.

Citi’s biggest investors urge bank to fight DoJ fine in court

No one complained when they were reaping great returns from suspect products but now that the chickens have come home to roost Citi investors are balking at the Department of Justice’s possible demand for a $10 billion fine for one of their roles in the lead-up to the financial crisis.  Camilla Hall and Kara Scannell explain their reasoning.

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