The Daily Dig for Friday, June 20

Fannie/Freddie settlement reached with RBS

RBS has to pony up $99.5 million for violating New York state law in relation to private-label mortgage-backed securities it peddled between 2005 and 2007.  Value Walk explains the ramifications.

Bad reps costing Wall Street

A study released this week finds 81% of surveyed companies still suffer from reputation and customer service issues.  Clayton Browne looks at other findings.

Bank of America so far rebuffed in desire to meet with Holder

He met with Jamie Dimon, so he should meet with Brian Moynihan, Bank of America reasons, but the Attorney General has not returned their calls so far.  The stakes are high as Holder has said he sees the $13 billion settlement JP Morgan coughed up as a template for future settlements.  Michael Ide has more.

Crowdfunding’s impact on mergers and acquisitions analyzed

The number of companies owned by baby boomers that will need to be sold provide an interesting opportunity for crowdfunding, whose potential impact on mergers and acquisitions is looked at by Nate Nead.

Crowdfunding can help Africa

One successful economic development opportunity in Africa can benefit an entire village and crowdfunding can be the impetus, according to Ahmed Zrikem.

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