The Daily Dig for Saturday, June 21

Open Energy Group connects the rich to solar energy projects

Open Energy Group promises investors a 7.5% return on investments in solar energy projects.  Stephen Lacey has more.

Shadow banking growing in popularity but comes with risks

Alternative banking options are growing in number, which can be good if they are properly managed.  There’s the rub, says Brooke Masters.

Holy Potstickers, Potman!  Pot Funder uses PotCoins to fund pot projects!

Well, this was only a matter of time.  A site has popped up that allows you to fund your favorite dope-related projects.  Customer service could take a while, but don’t worry buddy, just chill.  Daniel Rosen has the dope on Pot Funder.

Elizabeth Warren and John McCain unite to support Glass-Steagall in the 21st century

The odd pairing of Elizabeth Warren and John McCain have joined legislators from both sides in supporting what some are dubbing “Glass-Steagall for the 21st century”.  Consumer Reports is all for it.

Pimco and BlackRock lead public backlash against big banks

The party’s over, the bill’s on the table and everyone’s trying to sneak out the bathroom window.  As the fines for the malfeasance from the past decades mount, so are the legal maneuverings to stick others with the tab.  David Dayen describes a recent lawsuit filed against the banks by BlackRock and Pimco.

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