The Daily Dig for Sunday, June 22

Crowdfunding companies on top disruptors list

Kickstarter, Lending Club and AngelList are three crowdfunding-related companies to make CNBC’s Disruptor list.  J.D. Alois has more.

LeVar Burton discusses next steps

Now that his Kickstarter campaign has brought in enough money, LeVar Burton shares where you can find the new Reading Rainbow on the Tavis Smiley Show.  Adam Wernick reports.

U.S. banking blob set to suck up more in its path

Wells Fargo is set to shatter Citigroup’s 2001 market cap record of $282.75 billion and it won’t stop there.  Matthew Frankel explains why.

Fannie and Freddie court transcripts

Judging by the vibe of the hearings it looks like Uncle Sam will have to provide more documents and it doesn’t look like the hearing is buying the argument that the FHFA is separate from the government, according to this Valueplays report.

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