Once again beer saves a Daily Dig
Once again, beer saves the day in today's Daily Dig

The Daily Dig for Monday, June 23

Today’s Daily Dig chronicles three unfortunate tales of things gone bad, including a lawsuit, communist meddling and poor planning before a foreign launch before saving the day with a story about beer.

Kickstarter stalling in the Netherlands

An English website in a non-English speaking country and the inability to process donations on a popular location transaction site are among the problems Kickstarter has encountered a few months into their foray into the Netherlands.  DutchNews.nl has more.

China pressuring big banks to help kill independent media in Hong Kong

Beijing fears that the combination of freedom and prosperity in Hong Kong will threaten the status quo on the mainland.  Part of their plan to stop that is limiting press freedom.  Part of THAT plan is pressuring big banks to stop advertising in independent publications.  Some banks have caved in, according to Gordon Crovitz.

Crowdsourced brewery first company to participate in Wisconsion crowdfunding

MobCraft lets its supporters vote on which types of beer it brews, making them the perfect company to crowdfund under new rules passed in Wisconsin, says Judy Newman.

Albright and Crowdnetic face off in court

At first it looked like the partnership between Dara Albright and Crowdnetic was a solid match, but that unraveled quickly into dueling lawsuits.  J.D. Alois describes what went wrong.

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