The Daily Dig for Friday, June 27

Bankless Times staff tear themselves away from the NHL Draft to publish today’s Daily Dig.  Thanks to our teams drafting high, we got it out early.

Software as loan officer

If you have recently applied for a loan, the screening process was more likely to have been done by R2D2 than ever before.  Tom Groenfeldt looks at the role software plays in applicant screening.

5 tips for promoting your Kickstarter campaign on Pinterest

If you’re lucky, 25% of funds pledged to your Kickstarter campaign will come from random Kickstarter visitors.  The rest is up top you to leverage from social media networks and personal connections.  Janet Thaeler has tips on how to use Pinterest to generate support for your campaign.

Must-do’s for your crowdfunding campaign

Working within a team and leveraging social media are two effective strategies employed by successful crowdfunding campaigns.  Ruth Hedges shares more.

Crowdfunding gaining traction in Japan

Returns much better than those at banks and more favorable legislation are two reasons why crowdfunding is becoming more popular in Japan. Eleanor Warnock and Takashi Mochizuki have more.

The roles played by England’s Financial Conduct Authority 

This body could serve as a model for a similar U.S. body in the future.  They only regulate P2P and investment-based crowdfunding.  Learn more about the role of this important regulator from Compliancy Services.

New British investment platform helps pitchers pitch

A new English crowdfunding site provides companies with a step-by-step format that becomes their investment pitch.  Fully approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (there’s that name again…), its two founders are a combined 46 years old.  Megan Dunsby learns more about Volpit.

Lending Club seeking more than $500 million from IPO

If that headline comes to pass, the P2P giant will have a $5 billion valuation, The Financial Times reports.

Former Mt. Gox boss “sorry”

Mark Karpeles admits he could not handle the exchange’s rapid growth, Michelle Jones reports.

More fixing needs to be done: Bair

More work needs to be done on mortgages in order for the financial system can get a clean bill of health, Sheila Bair tells Kathleen Day.

Danae Ringelmann likes equity crowdfunding

How much does she like it?  Yolanda Lu finds out.

Crowdfunding Canucks victims of their own success

Canadian 3-D scanner manufacturing Matter and Form ran an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign.  Then they had to deliver.  Becky Reuber describes some of the challenges they had along the way.

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