The Daily Dig for Saturday, June 28

Apparently this Lending Club IPO is a big deal.  Today’s Daily Dig begins with selections on the IPO before branching out.

Alternative lender going to traditional sources in preparation for IPO

Lending Club has contacted Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to work on its IPO, which should take place later this year.   Telios Demos has more.

Past board appointees could play key roles in Lending Club IPO

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack are Lending Club board members who could prove helpful as the company works toward its IPO, writes Laura Lorenzetti.

Mobile financing options benefiting unbanked Kenyans

Two-thirds of working Africans are employed in agriculture, almost all of them have a mobile phone, and the vast majority are unbanked.  A few enterprising souls have found opportunity in this scenario, according to Tshepo Tshablala.

New York AG has sights on Barclays

Eric Schneiderman is investigating whether Barclays is giving preferential treatment to high frequency trading customers.  Tim McLaughlin and Karen Freifeld explain.

Kickstarter freezes suspect campaign, while originator denies wrongdoing

After a few days of negative comments that were picked up by some media outlets, Kickstarter suspended WeTag’s iFind campaign after more than a half million dollars were pledged.  WeTag denies suggestions they are running a scam and intends to continue with product development, Chris Smith reports.

Country singer introduced crowdfunding to the genre

Jo Dee Messina had a string of hits in the 90’s and carried some name recognition with her into the crowdfunding campaign for her latest album.  That didn’t stop people from being clueless as to what she was doing, Ms. Messina recalls in an interview with

Litany of U.K. banking scandals open door for new players

Nobody does a scandal like the Brits.  This includes banking scandals, which have come in abundance over the past decade.  The resulting public anger provides an opportunity for new players in finance, reports Sharlene Goff.

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