The Daily Dig for Monday, June 30

We at the Daily Dig are a glass is half-full kind of bunch.  yes there are a few articles on various deals with the banks, but we prefer to focus on city councils and chambers of commerce partnering with a P2P provider and learning about how P2P can continue to grow.

Miami Gardens suing big banks over predatory lending

Several banks targeting of minorities has attracted the attention of Miami Gardens, which alleges the fallout cost the authority millions.  Lance Dixon has more.

City Council and Chamber of Commerce partner with peer lender

The City Council of Glasgow and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce are partnering with Funding Circle to offer loans directly to Glasgow business which operate in key sectors.  Simon Bain explains how it will work.

The un-banking of America

Banks inefficiency and the bad will which increased during the recession opened the door for finance-based startups.  Rebecca Lynn describes the phenomenon and forecasts what happens next.

Prepaid cards at risk from FDIC?

Change demands to prevent money laundering may take some of the wind out of the sails of the prepaid bank card industry.  InvestmentWatch explains why.

Ukrainian army supporters crowdfunding drones

The rag tag Ukrainian army is used to paying out of pocket for the most basic of supplies.  Now their supporters are banding together to crowdfund the purchase of drones to assist the cause, write Oksana Brytsenko and Luke Harding.

Banks taking out life insurance on employees as investment scheme

At one time banks took out policies on the bigwigs, those whose sudden departure from the company or the planet would possibly impact the bottom line.  Now they are doing it with many employees, maybe even Myrtle in accounts payable and Floyd the security guard.  Amanda Alix has more.

ECB to regulate European arms of Russia’s two biggest banks

The international reach of many big banks has proven to bring risk.  That is the motivation behind the ECB announcing they will keep an eye on the Austrian operations of Russia’s two biggest banks.  Take that, Putin.  The Oman Observer has the scoop.

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