The Daily Dig for Thursday, July 3

New Zealand set to grant equity crowdfunding licenses

There may be a malfunction at the junction in the USA but New Zealand is moving full speed ahead with equity crowdfunding and should grant licenses “within a fortnight”, reports Tom Pullar-Strecker.

Chinese P2P lending totals nothing to yuan at

Wenzhou Loans lent out more than $1 billion in 2013 says the Want China Times.

Medicinal pot suppliers victims of dopey regulations

Legal marijuana businesses in Colorado cannot open bank accounts yet have to pay a penalty for not sending in quarterly taxes by wire.  They’re sort of caught here, writes David Migoya.

Indiegogo launching mobile app in Canada

Over the next few months, Indiegogo will work out the kinks on its mobile app by trying it out on Canadians first.  Didn’t they do that with new Coke too?  Richard Blackwell has more.

Washington State crowdfunding law draws mixed reaction

In theory businesses in Washngton State now have a much larger pool of potential investors, but the regulations in place may deter many of them, according to Brandon Brown.

Real estate crowdfunding great way to get involved in real estate investing

Crowdfunding provides an excellent way to start getting involved in real estate investing.  iFunding’s Scott Lichtman explains why and shares thoughts on the industry.

Obama may be ready to take on big banks

Pointed comments made in a recent speech signal to some that Barack Obama may be ready to take on the big banks.  Zachary Goldfarb with analysis.