The Daily Dig for Sunday, July 6

Today’s Daily Dig has big names and tales of crowdfunding success from around the world, just the mix to get our groove back after the holiday week.

Impassioned plea for Obama to take charge of equity crowdfunding

Crowdfunding began to really take root when capitalism faltered during the recession.  Barry James believes the new concept can help capitalism get its mojo back, and he implores Barack Obama to take the lead to ensure it does just that.  Read his post here.

7 tips for crowdfunding success

Crowdfunder CEO Chance Barnett shares seven steps for crowdfunding success while also breaking down different types of crowdfunding in a new Forbes post.

Medical researchers shut out of traditional funding sources turn to crowdfunding

Big Pharma spends big denari on research but for those working outside of that environment, finding research dollars can be a challenge, one that sends more and more scientists to crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo, reports Tom Blackwell.

Yancey Strickler speaks against ‘fast lane’ internet

Add a two-tiered internet to the list of obstacles this generation of entrepreneurs will have to overcome if they are to be successful and some at the SEC get their way, writes Yancey Strickler.

Crowdsourced concerts could change touring: Grohl

The fan support that brought the Foo Fighters to Richmond, Virginia has Dave Grohl musing how crowdsourced concerts could change how artists tour entirely, writes Jon Blistein.

USA the global banking cop

Bad decisions which led to a $9 billion fine levied against BNP Paribas by the US government has angered countries and banks who accuse the US of interfering in the affairs of other countries.  The US doesn’t seem to care and the increased focus on corporate financial malfeasance is seen by many as a way of exerting their global financial dominance at a time their military might is on the wane, Ben Marlow suggests.

Danae Ringelmann discussing crowdfunding’s positives for VC’s on UK tour

Crowdfunding’s being used to test market awareness and feasibility by established companies more and more every day.  The ability to generate feedback, discussion and funds all at once are a magic mix for British VC’s who can be found in places other than London, writes Ben Woods.

Indian filmmakers like crowdfunding the first time

Many initial success stories have allowed Indian filmmakers to develop an affinity for crowdfunding, but a conservative outlook make it a one-time proposition for most, they tell Archana Nathan.

Palestinians warming to crowdfunding

Palestinian artists and businesses are turning to crowdfunding for capital in a country where few other options exist.  Badar Salem talks to several of them.

Recent African immigrant to small Canadian city crowdfunding her dream business

A young woman recently came to Canada with a dream to start a Nigerian restaurant.  She is hoping crowdfunding will make it a reality, she tells Jacob Morgan.

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