The Daily Dig for Monday, July 7

A British take on P2P Mark Hawkins is a co-founder of U.K. alternative lender Invest & Fund.  In this post he discusses P2P’s advantages for investors across the pond, and the piece provides solid background for those wishing to learn more above peer-to-peer lending.  Read more here.

Big banks losing innovation battle Many big banks are doing what they can to introduce technology designed to improve customer service but are held back by outdated core systems.  While they suffer slowly disruptors  threaten to take market share.  Matthew Finnegan investigates.

Seedrs adds convertible equity option Deferring a valuation into the future attracts many investors, as does a discount on that future valuation.  UK crowdfunding platform Seedrs is using the convertible equity option to great early success, writes Steve O’Hear.

Miami developers embracing real estate crowdfunding High value investor familiarity with real estate is being tapped by Miami real estate crowdfunders.  Nancy Dahlberg looks at the Miami real estate crowdfunding scene.

Detroit using crowdfunding to improve public spaces The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is partnering with a local crowdfunding site to reward those using crowdfunding to improve public spaces.  Mark Sanchez has more.

Women benefiting from crowdfunding Female entrepreneurs who crowdfund are considered trustworthy and reliable, which leads to higher success rates.  This has helped level the business finance playing field, according to Casper Arboll and Balthasar Scheder.

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