TWO! Richies with air in their heads! Ha Ha Ha!
TWO! Richies with air in their heads! Ha Ha Ha!

The Daily Dig for Tuesday, July 8

Today’s Daily Dig brings good news from around the world with news on new P2P companies, fraud victims receiving redress and a second Richie with air in the head.

Harmoney New Zealand’s first licensed P2P

Harmoney is the first P2P firm to get the OK from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.  This article provides an excellent breakdown of the role such an agency plays in the approvals process. with analysis.

8 surprisingly successful Kickstarter campaigns

TWO! Richies with air in their heads! Ha Ha Ha!

An inflatable Lionel Richie head, pizza museum and squirrel census are among the projects in the Guardian’s list of eight improbable Kickstarter campaigns that succeeded.  Emma Howard has the rest.

Big bank victims have received $3.1 billion

Approximately 83 percent of the 4.3 million Americans covered by last year’s settlement which dinged 13 big banks for mortgage-related wrongdoings have cashed checks so far, with the tally at $3.1 billion and growing, according to CBS News.

Affirm’s Max Levchin aims to disrupt banking

Former PayPal executive Max Levchin was moved to start Affirm four years ago after a conversation with Bill Bradley.  Now he has created Split Pay, a resource which allows people to pay for their online purchases in installments.  Mr. Levchin also shares why it is so hard to truly disrupt banking in a conversation with Wired’s Issie Lapowsky.

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