The Daily Dig for Tuesday, July 9

Today’s Daily dig explores crowdfunding education in Egypt, the unbanked in India, and potato salad in the U.S.

India’s Reserve Bank tells banks to open reserves in remote locations

The reserve Bank of India has told big banks that a minimum of 25 percent of all new branches must be in rural and poorly-served areas.  This is one step in their efforts to include more Indians in the modern economy, writes Ankit Sharma.

Former FDIC Chair warns of dire consequences should Uncle Sam continue to ignore law

William Isaac believes the federal government illegally seized profits from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and could have placed the pair into receivership instead of conservatorship.  Value Walk summarizes his concerns.

Egyptians crowdfunding education

Fewer opportunities for intellectual empowerment exist than there were a few years ago, and this has led many Egyptians to crowdfunding as a way to expand their intellectual horizons, Rowan El Shimi discovers.

This spud’s not for you: Potato salad campaign dissed

Kickstarter’s refusal to censor a campaign that generated thousands of dollars for a guy making potato salad cheapens their brand and the industry as a whole, says Nathaniel Mott.

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