"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"
"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"

The Daily Dig for Thursday, July 10

Today’s DD looks at potential, failed potential, and potential failures.

ZipZap catering to Latin America’s unbanked via digital currency

San Francisco Bitcoin currency vendor ZipZap is trying to reach 170 million unbanked Latin Americans via digital currency services.  Noah Ramirez has more.

Well-supported Kickstarter campaign provides extensive lessons for tech entrepreneurs

myIDkey was off to a promising start, with half a million dollars in Kickstarter pledges, awards at the prototype stage, and another $3 million in later funding.  Then the wheels began to fall off.  All of them.  Casey Johnston chronicles the story that should be a must-read for any tech entrepreneur.

The best-funded Kickstarter campaigns like, ever The Reading Rainbow has risen higher than any previous Kickstarter campaign in history, dethroning a desktop 3-D printer and the Reaper Bones.  Maya Kosoff runs down the rest.

Potato salad campaign could be taxed more than $20K

What started out as a joke for Zach Brown has morphed into a mini-business with rewards including cookbooks, haikus and theme hats.  For his efforts Mr. Brown may also receive a five-figure tax bill, posits Scott Eastman.

Upstart Canadian company branching into mortgages

PropertyGuys.com made their name in real estate and are now taking a logical step into mortgages.  Canada NewsWire explains how.

P2P securitization garners first S&P rating

P2P student loan specialist SoFi has been extending their reach into other sectors and it has paid off, with an A rating from Standard and Poors the latest in a string of accomplishments signalling P2P’s growing mainstream acceptance.  Tracy Alloway has more.

Crowdfunding – different countries, different approaches

Comparatively speaking, the United States is behind the curve in crowdfunding adoption.  Fundable’s Wil Schroter travels the world to look at crowdfunding in other countries.

Those who can afford to go it alone turning to crowdfunding

"If I was still alive, you're damn right I'd crowdfund!"
“If I was still alive, you’re damn right I’d crowdfund!”

Companies with billions in annual revenue use crowdfunding to test new ideas.  Katherine Rosman explains how.

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