The Daily Dig for Saturday, July 12

Plenty of advice on how to spruce up your crowdfunding campaign and some banking news comprise today’s Daily Dig.

Ten steps to help your equity crowdfunding campaign

Proper monitoring, marketing and structuring are among the tips Sandi Gilbert has for those considering equity crowdfunding.  Read the rest here.

Ten steps to help your crowdfunding campaign

If British is more your cup o’ tea, here is a list of tips from The Guardian.

European game developers flocking to crowdfunding

The ability to move forward with only a small team is one reason European gamers are using crowdfunding en masse.  GDC Europe has the rest.

American banking system lagging behind

Lack of modernization is causing America’s banking system to fall behind other systems.  John Mason explains why it is and what can be done about it.

Report says big banks over supported 

A new report states Australia’s big banks receive too much support from the government.  See, we’re not alone.  James Eyers has more.

Banks giving out more car loans

The ability to charge higher interest rates has attracted many banks to automobile loans.  Maybe all the in debt college grads can live in their cars.  Kim Souza analyzes the data.

British government considering higher leverage limits for the big banks

New proposals in the U.K. would allow regulators to vary conditions depending on how the economy is performing.  Jason Douglas and Max Colchester explain.

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