The Daily Dig for Sunday, July 13

What do the Winklevoss twins have in common with panhandlers?  They’re both part of today’s Daily Dig.

The current state of equity crowdfunding in the U.S.A.

It is ironic that we are in the time of year when parents in front seats across America are already tired of hearing “How much longer?  Uggggghhhhh!”  May are hoping the SEC tires of the same refrain in regards to equity crowdfunding and lets it flow.  Joe Goldman has an update.

Is crowdfunding your own funeral a good idea?

Funeral costs can leave one feeling, well, funereal.  Many are looking to crowdfunding to cover the five-figure tab.  There may be better ways, says Dan Caplinger.

Giving to panhandlers – crowdfunding on the street corner

Giving money to a person in need on the street corner is no different than doing so on the internet, and may make you feel even better, writes Andrea Doray.

Bitcoin ETF could soon pass federal scrutiny

The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust may soon get the federal green light.  Bulky name but what the heck.  Meagan Clark with analysis.

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