The Daily Dig for Monday, July 14

British government bank to lend heavy pounds through P2P

Beginning next Monday the government-run British Business Bank will begin lending £10 million through P2P site RateSetter, beginning with 40 percent of any qualifying loan.  Jolly good show.  Megan Dunsby has more.

Crowdfunding site focuses on open source software

There’s sites for funerals, different religions and medical expenses so there should be one for open source software.  Attracting those passionate about software development to one place where they don’t have to navigate through potato salad and b-movies should be a boon to the industry.  The American Genius profiles Bountysource.

Big banks loss of the personal touch will cost them market share

In the race to be as convenient as possible, big banks have become very impersonal.  That could be their downfall, says Kevin Tynan.

Indiegogo U.K. exec on crowdfunding across the pond

Anastasia Emmanuel is currently wrapping up a multi-city U.K. tour to promote Indiegogo.  Between sessions she sat down with The Scotsman’s Terry Murden.

Points to consider before starting an equity crowdfunding campaign

Yes equity crowdfunding is booming but that does not mean you head into it with blinders on.  Jeremy Office gives you advice on what to consider before you leap.

Piracy site starting crowdfunding campaign

BitTorrent is crowdfunding to produce  a new series.  How ironic.  Michael Cieply has the details.

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