The son of the Daily Dig

We’re on such a roll in San Francisco we have decided to publish a second Daily Dig.

Banking experts question USPS ability to provide financial services, USPS responds

In a possible combination of fear and jealousy, those who would be in competition with the United States Postal Service should they increase their provision of financial services tried to drill holes in  their plan.  The USPS responded, reminding them that, among other things, postal services around the world are a key provider of financial services to the unbanked and that the US is an exception.  David Morrison has more.

Funding Circle beefs up with $65 million capital raise

A new infusion of capital has Funding Circle hoping it can take a bite out of Lending Club.  Kate Roof explains why.

New series or recommendations designed to increase lending Irish SME’s

Written explanations for the rejection of credit applications and the independent verification of lending rates are two of a series of recommendations made by a committee looking into why it is so hard for Irish SME’s to secure credit.  Charlie Taylor with analysis.

Offshore Taiwanese P2P drawing regulator attention

The incredible success a Taiwanese P2P has enjoyed in attracting funds has drawn the attention of regulators who wish to remind people such funds are not protected by the government.  Crystal Hsu reports.

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