The Daily Dig for Monday, July 21

After a day of airports the Daily Dig returns with quality reading to get your week off to a good start.

Systemic differences one of many issues as countries seek unifying TBTF remedy

A group of 20 countries are seeking a unified system to address too big to fail banks whose reach is global.  The basic structure of the Japanese banking system is but one of many obstacles the group will have to overcome, according to the Financial Times.

Can the post office deliver financial services to the unbanked?

Some say yes, some say no.  Count Rich Duprey among the latter.

Kickstarter going Irish

Kickstarter will soon unveil a site dedicated specifically to Irish entrepreneurs.  Colm Gorey has the details.

Real estate crowdfunding site seeking investors for hotel development

Vestor is a Cleveland-based crowdfunding startup.  It has signed on to help complete a hotel development.  Stan Bullard describes the venture.

Arab banks urged to provide more support to SME’s

It’s not just a western problem.  Tamara Pupic with analysis.

Indian microfinance site to empower women and those living remotely

Bandhan has been around since 2001 but beginning next October they will operate as a bank with a focus on women and those living in remote parts of the country.  These two groups will be key players in India’s future prosperity.  Big News Network explains.

Renewable energy crowdfunding conference set for fall

Several leading players in the renewable energy crowdfunding scene will gather in London this October to discuss issues and opportunities available via crowdfunding for renewable energy projects.  Click here for more information.

10 crowdfunding sites to keep an eye on

You probably have heard about some of these sites before, but others should be new.  Here are 10 crowdfunding sites with handy descriptions from Lyndsey Gilpin.

Stellargy crowdfunds to improve education of Africans in need

Poverty, unemployment and dropout rates for youth around the world are on the rise and those chickens will eventually come home to roost.  That is why sites like Stellargy are raising funds to support those most in need.  Jonathan Houston has more.

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