The Daily Dig for Tuesday, July 22

Pittsburgh mayor consults with Kickstarter exec

Mayor Bill Peduto is meeting with Yancey Strickler to pick his brain on how to make the city more conducive to crowdfunding.  Not a bad brain to pick.  Justine Coyne has the details.

Brendan Ross gives P2P tips to newbies

Direct Lending Investments Brendan Ross knows plenty about P2P investin and he shares some key points for beginners with the Gilmer Mirror.

FDIC conducts minority depository institution study

Minority depository institutions, or MDI’s are more likely to serve people in the lower income brackets.  That is one of the results that will be discussed at public hearings in the coming weeks.  Insurance News Net has more information.

Big banks dinged by hedge fund tax dodge

Barclay’s and Deutsche Bank were found to have helped hedge funds evade full taxes on more than $100 billion of stock trades.  Kevin Hall details the fallout.

RealtyShares  CEO on the benefits of xcrowdfunding

Nav Athwal is well positioned to comment on where crowdfunding is and where it is headed.  He shared his thoughts with Natalie Dolce.

Trillion Fund and Buzzbnk announce merger

The two social funders have united to create the United Kingdom’s largest social crowdfunding entity. Ilaria Bertini has the details.

Seattle conference to educate entrepreneurs on crowdfunding

If you live in the Seattle area and are considering an equity crowdfunding campaign for your startup, consider attending this conference on August 7.  Rebecca Lovell lists the attendees and the benefits to entrepreneurs.

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