"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"
"Santander? Is that the new housekeeper?"

The Daily Dig for Friday, July 25

A solid Daily Dig to take you into the weekend, with revealing information on the Wall Street revolving door, justice for the everyday person, and deep thoughts on many aspects of the industry.

New study reveals surprising data on Wall Street/Government revolving door

A new study on the career paths of more than 35,000 regulators shows some interesting patterns on when they make the jump to Wall Street and, in many cases, back again.  Simone Pathe investigates.

Are P2P loans declining in quality?  Bad time for an IPO?

People are starting to talk that lower quality P2P loans are defaulting with greater frequency.  Go figure.  But with one of the major players planning an IPO and the other sniffing around the idea, how might this affect their fortunes?  Read more here.

Woman’s home saved by fines from bank that screwed up her loan

"You mean I'm paying for people to lower their mortgage payments...with me? What in the sam hell is that?"
“You mean I’m paying for people to lower their mortgage payments…with me? What in the sam hell is that?”

Repeated mistakes by JP Morgan almost cost a Bronx woman the home she lived in for two decades.  Now, thanks in large part to fines levied on JP Morgan for their role in the subprime mortgage crisis, she can rest easy.  Dan Freed explains.

‘World’s largest’ P2P loan repaid

A  £ 4.1 million loan on LendInvest has bee fully repaid.  It may be the largest ever, reports JD Alois.

Finland publishes securities crowdfunding guidelines

Portals offering less than € 1.5 million do not have to file a prospectus but do have to provide certain types of information if they meet specifications.  The European Crowdfunding Network has the details.

Proposed intrastate crowdfunding exemptions, summarized, compared

Crowdcheck, in partnership with representatives of two legal firms has posted a chart comparing proposed intrastate crowdfunding exemptions.  We are working to post it to our site but in the interim you can view it here.

Equity writer slams crowdfunding

I am not surprised by a writer working for an equities-based site slagging crowdfunding, but by cherry picking one campaign and ignoring complete areas of the industry, that writer is doing a disservice to their readers too.  Read the post here.

Crowdfunding’s potential for established companies discussed

FundRazr’s Daryl Hatton and Craig Asano from the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada recently discussed crowdfunding’s potential for established companies with the Globe and Mail.  Among the tidbits is a partnership between General Mills and CircleUp that is worth reading the article for on its own.  Click here.

Crowdfunding paves the way to VC’s, distribution deals

Successful crowdfunding campaigns have proven demand for their products.  This comes in handy when meeting with investors.  Chris Morris lists additional advantages.

Many sites offering crowdfunding for athletes

It costs a lot of dollars to train full-time, and only the most successful athletes in the popular sports have a comparatively easy time of it.  And it is worse in other countries.  Michael Ibberson lists some sport crowdfunding sites.

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